What’s on Tap

Ambidextrous Hitchhiker | IBU: 5   ABV: 3.0%
A mild kettle sour that can go many ways with rotating fruit additions. This first version uses raspberry and black currant fruit.

DB Cooper’s Big Jump | IBU: 89.6   ABV: 8.1%
Intrigue surrounds this historic and mysterious jump — believed to have happened at the foothills of the Cascades. This leap of faith IPA is infused with a massive dose of Cascade hops for a smooth, bitter finish.

Love Notes | IBU: 68.2   ABV: 6.0%
New England Haze with love from a pineapple. This refreshing IPA boasts loads of citrus flavor and aroma from Citra and Mosaic hops.

Artic Pale Ale | IBU: 85.2   ABV: 5.4%
A 100% Citra Pale Ale for days that feel just a little bit backwards.

Monster Cookie | IBU: 27.8   ABV: 6.1%
A sweet oatmeal stout brewed with all of Grandma’s secret monster cookie ingredients: cinnamon, brown sugar, peanut butter and chocolate in one decadent sip.* 

Lolz How | IBU: 25.7   ABV: 6.9%
When a phone’s autocorrect meets “Kolsch” you get a ‘Lolz how.’ A hoppy Kolsch-style beer.  

Pinky and the Grain | IBU: 22.3   ABV: 4.3%
An American Wheat with hibiscus flowers offering a pink hue and fruity,
tart finish. 

Pilzenus Americanas | IBU: 11   ABV: 3.5%
Damn near water. Very expensive water. American-style Pilsner.

The Ryes and Wherefores |
IBU: 83.7   ABV: 6.2%
A Rye IPA brewed with 100% Chinook hops. The piney, spicy notes of Chinook lend well to the spicey character of the rye malt.

CWOB | IBU: 14.6   ABV: 5.7%
An easy-drinking Cream Ale brewed with flaked Corn, Wheat, Oats and Barley. A beer fit for a king. Crisp and refined flavors for the palette. 

De Witte | IBU: 15.7   ABV: 4.5%
A legendary Belgian Whitbier with coriander and orange peel. A traditional Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel. Belgian yeast provides hints of clove.

OkSessionFest | IBU: 15.4   ABV: 3.5%
An Oktoberfest-inspired lager boasting all the flavor but with a lower ABV so you can (try to) dance to all the polkas, eat that 'wurst, and keep the party going without falling off your bar stool. Prost!

Sun Dog Cold Brew | Non-Alcoholic
A smooth cold brew from Parable Coffee Co., locally roasted in Sioux Falls. Featuring chocolate, caramel and floral notes. Served on nitro. 

Sparkling Hopped Lemonade | Non-Alcoholic
Refreshing and sweet! This carbonated 100% real lemonade is infused with a splash of hops. 

Sparkling Hop Water | Non-Alcoholic
Sparkling water infused with hops for a unique sipping experience on a hot day. Like a hoppy LaCroix®.

1919 Rootbeer | Non-Alcoholic
A bubbly old time classic that’s a favorite for kids and adults alike! 

Strawbale’s Farm Perry Cider | ABV: 7.15%
A locally made hazy golden pear cider. Tastes sweet and goes down silky smooth.

Strawbale’s Apple Farm Cider | ABV: 7.15%
Made locally with South Dakota grown Honeycrisp apples. Enjoy light sweetness with a little tang.

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Beer Flight 
Your choice of four 6.5 oz tasters.